QSST – The SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport

QSST (Quiet Supersonic Transport) is a personal jet, with which you can cross Europe for several hours. It will fly at least two times faster than conventional airplanes and so you will have enough time to organize papers and rest along the way. Rush for meetings can be a pleasant and quiet. The fact that a “quiet revolution” means that the sound of QSST will be less than 1/100 of that of the Concorde This model has an innovative aerodynamic shape. The wings are diminished, and the tail has a reverse V-shape. He can fly almost 2000 km/h at a height of 18 km. The tanks will allow you to travel 7400 kilometers on a single charge. The ship can accommodate up to 12 passengers travel comfortably. Of course the furniture in leather and wood will be the most luxurious and portholes will allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful view. Security is a condition that can not be doubted. The first test flights will take place in 2011 and the first passengers will be able to enter the board in 2013. Image Image

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